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News Celebrity The Big Bang leader and the former f x member post photos at a similar place, leading people to believe that they’re dating. Apr 25, AceShowbiz – G-Dragon ‘s latest Instagram post have just added fuel to rumor that he and Sulli might be dating. The rapper posted a photo of a beautiful lake on Tuesday, April 25, hinting that he was on vacation. At first, nobody questioned whom he was with, but people started to wonder if he went there with Sulli. In the black-and-white photo, she was staring sexily at the camera. One of her eyes was covered with a hand inked with tattoos. Fans noted that she took the photo at a similar place to G-Dragon’s, re-sparking dating speculation. The tattooed-hand also made fans believe that it might belong to the “Heartbreaker” hitmaker. Are you trying to make Choiza regret breaking up with you?

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The Daragon ship is literally making waves with news of G-Dragon’s alleged kiss to Dara after the BIGBANG concert! Daragon is the official OTP name of the beloved fan fiction couple G-Dragon and Dara. As two of the hottest YG artists, the two artists have been paired together since their collaboration for “Hello” on G-Dragon’s first solo album.

Actually, they were not old lovers. They’d only met twice till they admitted to being in a romantic relationship with each other. On July 16, , they had their first date, but till then, they were not actual lovers. They were just sharing a fair bit of romantic chemistry and enjoyed their dating at Han River Park. And on July 17, they finally became actual lovers. Son wanted to make a wonderful proposal and gave a bouquet to Minah. After the proposal, they walked hand in hand, looking at each other lovably.

Son had to depart for Austria on July 19, and it was their final dating before Son’s departure. Minah’s agency denied the dating scandal at first. When I called the agency, they said “It’s true that Minah and Son met two times. However, they’re not dating. They are just close friends. They have encouraged one another through SNS, and started going out just before Son returned to his football team.


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no, cl does not have any tattoos. Go. IS cl from 2ne1 dating g dragon? No. They’re not dating. But they’re extremely close. I personally think they should, because they compliment each other so well, but G-Dragon has already stated that he does.

Earlier this week, he followed the precedent set by artists like Frank Ocean , Diddy and Swizz Beatz , posting a photograph of himself in an outfit similar to what Martin was wearing when he was shot by George Zimmerman. Most noteably, however, is that G-Dragon, who is east Asian, has rubbed black paint over his face.

The year-old has not responded to any criticism of his photo, tweeting instead about his label’s new releases. While G-Dragon’s fans argued in his Instagram comments, “liking” the photo , times, Spin called the move “cringeworthy” and the LA Times branded it “unfathomably offensive”. Still, G-Dragon won’t be able to continue dodging this controversy. Later this month, the boy-band idol is due to appear at KCon, a Korean pop convention in Los Angeles, where G-Dragon was thought to be hoping to woo America as he preps his new record.

Big Bang, like some other Korean groups , have a history of African-American provocation. The group has also performed in red “gang-banger” costumes , throwing gang signs during a TV appearance. Trayvon Martin was just 17 when he was gunned down in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman, a member of the neighbourhood watch, claimed that he shot the teenager out of self-defence. He was acquitted on all charges last month.

Sulli not dating bigbangs g dragon according to yg : Adult nude site on

He has been rumored to different singers and Japanese models even to his fellow YG artist Sandara Park. However, none of it are confirmed and mostly are denied. It has been years since G-Dragon dating issues become viral, the most recent one is at BigBang’s concert where he and Sandara Park became an item again.

I don’t hate daragon, is just that sometimes the fans stressed me so much,everything has to be daragon ! If GD is using a red shirt,and Dara is using the same shirt the next week is daragon,I mean c’mon we know that all the YG family share the clothes,one time I saw minzy using the same shirt that GD used at one event and they’re dating?NO!!

September 20, Netizens conclude that the dating rumors between G-Dragon and Komatsu Nana are true by digging up new evidence of their secret love. Among his interesting posts, netizens were quick to point out one thing: So it quite apparently seems that the global hallyu star has been dating none other than the beautiful, Komatsu Nana. Komatsu Nana is an up and coming Japanese model who has done some amazing work so far in her career. Once all of the supposed evidences were compiled, the netizens have decided that the two are indeed a couple.

Take look at the new evidences yourself and decide: The idol had uploaded pictures with Nana, as well as various couple shots. The two had allegedly met and gotten close for the first time through their lover-themed photoshoot. And the two were seen often at public parties as close companions after that! She even went on to write how his ending kiss had stolen her heart. They somehow found photos that no one would have ever expected, and examined it to discover even traces of photoshop in them.

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On the December 21 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” BIGBANG revealed what G-Dragon is actually like when dating. The group first talked about how nervous they were before coming on the show.

Retrieved November 7, In , G-Dragon was honored with the award for Most Influential Men of the Year sponsored byand in , he was awarded the Style Icon of the Year award at thebeing the first solo singer to win the award undivided. Retrieved August 11, Korea Music Content Industry Association. The duo teamed up with ‘s and released the single “Mapsosa”, which peaked at number two on the Gaon Digital Chart, and sold 1.

Later, the line was launched as a physical store at h in and in. G-Dragon g dragon dating cl chosen by as the Best-Dresed Celebrity of , while in , he was chosen as one of the Best-Dressed Stars of the year by. Retrieved February 8, Archived from on November 1,