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Anyways, I have had Verizon for about four years now and could not be happier with the service. Verizon works in areas that I Didnt have coverage before. The plans are very comparable but the customer service and coverage is what makes the service outstanding. I have had one issue with my text messaging plan and when I called in they made the experience easy by backdating my texting plan to cover the overage. Verizon does offer phones with sim cards, like my blackberry storm for instance and I can use features like backup assistant for my families phones fo FREE! Joe January 17th, at I kept having dropped call problems in my house, might have been my phone, I am not sure.. I switched to Cingular and was extremely happy.. The phones worked great..

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Today there is over different companies offering a fiber connection. A great resource for any consumer looking to upgrade to Fios TV. This article outlines everything you would want to know about Fios TV including: When is Fios coming to my neighborhood? Make sure to check out the speedtest comparison as it truly shows the power of fiber vs docsis 3.

If Fios is new to your area you should check and see if you might receive the same benefit.

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As is the case with many cable and Internet companies, there is an early termination fee when some services are cancelled before the end of the contract period. Before signing up for service at that special introductory price, make sure to read the fine print. There could be a contract period of one to two years that you agree to when placing the order. If the price goes up — you have to maintain service or face the early termination fee. There is no mention that Verizon FIOS services can be cancelled in a Verizon store, so calling customer service before heading into the store is the best bet.

This information was not found on the Verizon FIOS website as it appears that Verizon is not keen on sharing tons of contract information with non-customers. Customers have 14 days to review the services and decide whether or not they wish to continue with the contract. During this grace period, if the contract is cancelled customers are not responsible for the early termination fee. According to the changes made to the cancellation policy in , customers who move out of the Verizon FIOS service area are still responsible for the early termination fee.

This has caused quite the uproar in the customer community. We read through a few of the Verizon FIOS customer service threads and found out quickly that the customer service department changes from supportive to downright rude if a customer wants to cancel the Verizon FIOS service before the contract is up.

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Click To Download Complete User Manual – Activate a local alarm for 15 seconds to get immediate help within the house. This feature also alerts you that you have activated the system. If you accidentally activated the system, just press the panic button again to de-activate it.

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.

The big difference in how it operates is the fact that Mint SIM sends you a SIM card in the mail so you can set up your new phone service yourself. The pricing on these plans lets you pick how much high-speed data you want, and you never have to commit for more than three months at a time. For that reason, we think this is a solid option for people who live within T-Mobile coverage areas. Choose a plan that fits your data needs without a big commitment Cons: T-Mobile coverage may not be available in your area.

To offer fair pricing based on actual usage, they place all of their services into pricing buckets and allow consumers to move freely through them each month as their needs change. However, as you move up and start using more data or minutes, the pricing moves up another tier. Plus, no contracts and no commitments.

Ting uses the Sprint network. No contracts; only pay for what you use Cons:

How Much is Verizon iPhone Mobile Hotspot

There are several other ways to get out of a cell phone without paying a penny, and with the current competition, some cell phone providers will even pay the termination fee for you if you sign up with them! Here are some ways to get out of your cell phone contract without paying the Early Termination Fee.

And carriers are doing everything in their power to entice people to switch to their network.

Still, I called Verizon to see if the company would add tethering to my plan without an extra fee. To my total non-surprise, that didn’t work because I don’t pay for one of Verizon’s “Share.

Mobile Apps Roaming charges are the bane of international travelers. Many of us have learned the hard way that data roaming costs can be excruciatingly high, so just exactly what can be done to avoid them? In many cases, customers of larger mobile carriers complain that they end up with massive charges due to conflicting data plans and drifting in and out of roaming areas. Some Asian phone models have dual sim card ports which can be useful here.

Alternatively you have to ensure that your data plan will work whilst abroad, which means engaging with your provider and their dreaded customer services and auto telephone response system! Even if you do hurdle this obstacle, the reality of the matter is that your costs will be significantly large when making international calls. There is an Alternative! Many people fall into the trap of traveling abroad and failing to adjust the settings on their smartphone.

Instead, there is a simple setting in your smartphone that allows for this roaming to be turned off. So how do you stay in touch?

Equipment Options for Fios TV

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Verizon If you have a Smartphone with Verizon data plans, you can either apply for a global plan which will vary depending on which countries you will be visiting, or pay $ – $ per minute depending on which country you are in.

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There are some exceptions to this policy, though.

How To Cancel Verizon Fios

Advertiser Disclosure Are you tired of forking over the big bucks for a cell phone with a data, talk, and text plan? Luckily, the days of outrageous cell phone bills could be almost over. According to new data, it appears that increased competition from discount carriers has been pushing the price of cell phone plans down over the last few years. Even better, some of the most popular cut-rate plans will let you bring your own phone or purchase an unlocked phone that will work on their network.

You can receive your bill directly from AT&T either in the mail or by signing up for AT&T Online Billing. Signing up for an AT&T direct bill is easy, call 1 For the deaf and hard of hearing, the TTY phone number is

Long term Time Warner Cable customers know the drill. Every year, many call and complain about the high price of cable service and ask customer retention specialists for a better deal to stay. Some of these packages were cheaper than new customer promotions. The concept of retention pricing is simple: As a result, customers quickly learned all they had to do to pay a lower cable bill is to ask for a lower cable bill. Time Warner Cable developed pricing promotions for virtually everyone.

Older, fixed income customers were offered cut-rate cable television service when they called to cancel over the size of the bill. Millennials and cord-cutters were offered a half-dozen internet speed tiers at all price ranges, and were usually later targeted with relentless offers to add cable TV to broadband-only packages at cut-rate prices. Company officials admitted the policy would cost it customers it deemed undesirable, but would assure investors that prices, and earnings would continue to rise well in excess of inflation.

The increased churn customers leaving rate was forgiven as long as revenue continued to grow.

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As I pointed out on my blog a few times see last November 9th , January 28th and February 4th for the reports and pictures , Verizon has been putting up cables all over my city, Newton, Massachusetts. A few weeks ago they started taking orders for installation. I hesitated to order it at first, since my cable modem connection was flakey after a rainstorm they replaced the cable modem with a new one more tolerant of bad signals or something and other upgrades and I like having backup the fiber is replacing a DSL connection and I wanted to have a week or two of stability before I tried something new in place of the DSL.

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One of the main selling points for Verizon Fios is the fiber optic lines used for television and Internet access. Verizon Fios claims fiber optics are faster than cable connections. Customer Service Email If you have an issue with Verizon Fios and you need to email customer service, you can use the email form https: Verizon Fios does not offer an email address for Verizon Fios customer service. According to the email contact form, they will respond within one business day.

You can fill in the account number box with all zeros if you do not have an account.

Troubleshooting Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway Router Set-up and Installation