Help me date a Marshall Lead speaker cabinet

Dating back to , Acoustic Amplification has had a wild history even by music industry standards. They were huge in the ’70s, finding a following in guitarists as renowned as Robby Krieger of the Doors. After enjoying some time in the spotlight, Acoustic Amplification laid low for a while – but now they’re back with a selection of amps that’s as appealing as ever. For day-to-day gigging at clubs and other small to midsize venues, there’s no substitute for a good combo amp. Gear up with a unit from Acoustic’s Lead Guitar Series and you’ll be ready to take the stage anytime. These run all the way from the compact, 10W G10 – a 1×8 speaker combo amp perfect for rehearsal and studio use – to the G DSP, a mean amp with plenty of power to back up your best riffs. You’ll also find a second breed of combo amp in Acoustic’s lineup: Like the electric combo amps, these come in an array of sizes. The smallest is the AG15, which uses a 15W 1×8 driver configuration you’ll appreciate when you want something extra-portable.

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In this case a 12AX7, unlike those others that used 12BH7 and other hard to source tubes. That, plus what amounts to the reamp portion of my Badcat unleash, i. That and something similar to the preamp portion of my ID: FX are likely DSP based. NOW, from the vid, I would disagree that the different preamp circuits sound spot one to what you said they allegedly are said to be though Vox can’t say that is what it is. Some were closer than others.

Mar 31,  · Would it be possible to cut a 4×12 cabinet in half to make a pair of 2×12 cabinets (some additional woodworking required)? If not, why not? Would like to buy a couple 2×12 cabinets but cost for each is as much as for a 4x

Feb 11, Kubler’s live tone is great. Memphis was my first sober THS set so I could actually analyze his gear a little. He was running a Fender Blues Jr. I’m pretty sure the BobAmp is an 18 watt Marshall clone. He would kick on the Epi Blues Custom for thicker parts. It seems like his BC30 may be modded because it had much more bass at conventional eq settings than the ones that I’ve played.

Nothing too ridiculous on the pedal board side.

Dating a marshall speaker cabinet

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Share This is my first article here at Solodallas. I hope this can be useful to all of you who are interested in buying old Marshall amps. You can end up buying something that is not what you expected or even something that is damaged or modded beyond repair. P , I recommend asking help from the members here of the community. These amps are really great!

I will also try to give examples of where they were used.. So, here we go. Why they chose those numbers then? The addition of a T at the end of the code refers to a Tremolo amp. The addition of a S at the end of the code refers to a smaller version of the head, made to fit with a 4X10 cab — This only aplies to the S head from the JCM series. Combo versions of the amps always had a special code attributed to them for example, the combo version of the JMP was the It was basically a copy of the Fender Bassman.

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Marshall JCM Dual Super Lead head (Along with a Marshall A Angled 4×12 Cab). Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Marshall JTM 45 (Studio – bridge of “Brick by Boring Brick”) Effects.

The guy who sold it to me on craigslist was nice enough to order replacement handles as part of the deal, and I was looking forward to installing them for the past few weeks. Finally, today I went over to my father-in-law’s shop and made it happen. Marshall has been using plastic side handles on these cabs as a matter of routine for years and years. Since they use plastic, it’s no surprise that they break often. Plastic simply can’t hold up to heavy road use and abuse like metal.

In fact, today I went to another guy’s house from craigslist to check out another A with the same issue — a missing handle, on the other side of the cab compared to the one I purchased a few weeks ago. Funny how these iconic guitar cabs, loaded with the well-known Celestion G12T speakers and all, staples of rock and roll for ages now, have brittle plastic handles installed from the get-go.

But whatever — gear is made to be played with and improved, and that’s just what I’m in the process of doing to my new baby. Especially when cranked, and especially in the low end — presumably the hole was acting like a really poorly constructed bass port with a janky resonance, but I wasn’t concerned that there were any fundamental speaker or cabinet issues affecting the sound. Surely enough, now that the new handles are on there and the gap has been plugged, the soundscape is noticeably tighter and more defined.

DIY Cab Build #3 (2×12 modified Twin Reverb style)

Open Post to Marshall Amplification Please read this post in the spirit in which it is posted. And I suppose I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others where I can. I must also note that I’ve not had any of the issues described on these forums with any of my CODE amps. And I must also note that I think they’re the best modelling amps. But what concerns me and hence this post is this: It’s almost as if Marshall regret the day they got into this modelling business and if that’s not the case:

selling for a friend i have a marshall electric guitar missing a string a marshall missing a volume knob can be replaced you can buy one on ebay for and .

Electrophonic Limited Edition available www. Please note it here for future reference: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not remove screws. No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: You should read these Important Safety Instructions Keep these instructions in a safe place Before using your Floor POD Plus, carefully read the applicable items of these operating instructions and safety suggestions: Do not place near heat sources, such as radiators, heat registers, or appliances which produce heat.

Guard against objects or liquids entering the enclosure. Connect only to AC power outlets rated V or V Hz depending on the voltage range of the included power supply. Do not step on power cords. Do not place items on top of power cords so that they are pinched or leaned on.

Marshall MG Series MGCF 4×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet C

It has EQ settings for each channel, as well as a master volume. Because of this, zeroing in on the sound you are trying to achieve isn’t too hard and there is a great deal of variety available. It is easy to get a good sound out of this and has a great sound quality overall. I don’t have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn’t need the manual too much. I only use this amplifier with a clean tone, and I always get great sounds with this.

Dec 24,  · I snatched a early-mid 70’s Marshall 4×12 loaded with a set of ’79 G’s man i got it for only £ and it sounds incredible!! Love that cab! Also, the actual cab is very deep sounding when you knock on the back panel.

Experiment with many different mics, mic positions, and even mic preamps before settling on a “best” sound. There is really no “right” answer since music is so subjective, and there may be multiple solutions for different situations. Make sure you know what speaker sounds best in your cab, and make sure you know where an SM57 sounds best, too, since that’s what the average sound tech is going to throw on there.

Most of us know that placing mics in various positions around a speaker cabinet will yield different sounds. Part of this has to do with each speaker sounding a little different even if they’re the same make and model , mic height from the ground producing various colorations due to differences in reflection time, and what kind of room you are in. In particular, though, there are three 3 main placement factors that will affect the sound consistently:

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Dating Vintage Marshall Amps Fender, is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Something vintage amps dating marshall similar in your own style yet remember that these people. Alcoholic beverage industry and internationally on the board. After a period of releasing some mediocre kits, and some re-releases dating from the.

The Marshall speaker cabinet database. Now with cabinets! This page contains a database with Marshall 4×12 and 8×10 cabinet specifications. It can help owners to date their cab by looking for similarities when certain datemarks are lost. The ultimate goal of this list will be to make a Marshall cabinet timeline which should make dating easy.

Keep some wooden chopsticks laying around for poking around inside And if you do stick a screwdriver in, which you may have to do to adjust the bias pots, just use one with an insulated plastic handle and don’t touch the metal part. That way if you do touch something you shouldn’t, the electricity will flow up your arm and down your leg, avoiding your heart. If your other hand is grounded, it will flow across your chest And keeping your hand tucked under your belt behind your back ensures you won’t inadvertently grab something with it.

Having said that, it’s really not all that dangerous. The biggest risk is the large filter capacitors But the outside of the cans themselves should not be charged, it would be the contacts you would want to avoid, and the contacts for those capacitors are underneath them. So unless you’ve got the PCB pulled out with the solder tabs on the otherside exposed, there’s little risk you’ll discharge them accidentally. One way I’ve heard that helps discharge the caps is to shut the amp off without putting it in standby first.

I’ve heard some folks disputing that, but it’s easy enough to do and certainly doesn’t hurt anything. But if I’m going to touch parts of the circuit with my fingers, I always check the caps with a multimeter before doing so. Finally, the bias pots are at the other end of the amp, so that makes it even less risky to adjust them. Just be smart and perhaps just slightly paranoid!

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