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Today, nearly three months after the storm, more than one-third of the island is still without power , and in the areas where it has been restored the service is often unstable, with occasional outages. Thousands of businesses remain closed. Normality sporadically peeks out from it all—on a street with a string of working stoplights, in an air-conditioned hotel lobby—then quickly retreats, as if ungraspable.

Nearly everyone I spent time with—families piecing together their lives, farmers rebuilding their businesses, even aid volunteers—agreed that the future of Puerto Rico depends on more than simply mending what Maria destroyed.

May 10,  · Puerto Rico recently passed what are known as Act 22 and Act 20, or the Individual Investors Act and Export Services Act. They allow new residents of Puerto Rico to be completely exempted from Puerto Rican taxation on their capital gain, dividend and interest income.

As citizens, they should be entitled to determine for themselves their political status. I am firmly committed to the process where Puerto Ricans might resolve their status according to Constitutional and Congressional protocols. I believe the people of Puerto Rico deserve a process of status self-determination that gives them a fair and unambiguous choice on this matter. As president I will do my part to insure that Congress follows the Constitution.

The will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through on any desired change in status for Puerto Rico, including statehood. In other words, like many in Washington, Trump said that Puerto Rico should get to choose which status the Island should have. This sounds good, but for a couple of things. First, Puerto Rico already chose statehood.

There is also another referendum coming up, this one funded by the federal government and scheduled for June So a statement favoring a process that lets Puerto Rico choose their status, that Congress should follow the Constitution, and that the results of status votes should be considered really just states the obvious. This is a clear majority.

An additional vote to confirm this result is planned. The president should be ready to demand action on the part of Congress in response to the upcoming plebiscite. President Trump has not made a new statement since the election.

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Irma grazes the island Source: Department of Energy But no amount of community resourcefulness can string electric line and rebuild highways. It took nearly two weeks for the territorial government and U.

Puerto Rico: Regular ferry service between Puerto Rico and the USVI is currently not available. July There is sometimes a special ferry service between St. Thomas/St. John and Puerto Rico for very specific occasions like Back to School (in August) and Christmas (in December), both tied to an increase demand by people on St. Thomas/St. John to go shopping in Puerto Rico.

YABUCOA, Puerto Rico — The Army Corps of Engineers is ending its work to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric grid, despite residents’ fears that the island’s government won’t be able to restore power on its own to more than 16, people who remain blacked out eight months after Hurricane Maria. The federal agency will keep operating more than generators on the island, including three “mega generators” supplementing Puerto Rico’s aging and storm-damaged power plants.

But on Friday the restoration of thousands of miles of downed power lines will be handed back to the U. The Corps took over power restoration efforts in Puerto Rico on Sept. Puerto Rican officials said Trump administration officials say a big federal presence is no longer needed to hook up the relatively few remaining connections in the often-remote areas where people are still without power.

But many people on and off the island are dissatisfied by the decision to pull out the Corps without Puerto Rico’s power fully restored. The Corps has operated under the orders of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which says it has deferred to Gov. Ricardo Rossello’s requests on the extent and duration of federal assistance to Puerto Rico. FEMA on Thursday indefinitely extended the Corps’ power generation mission but did not extend the grid repair work because Rossello did not request that.

Most of those still without power live in the town of Yabucoa, which was the first place in Puerto Rico struck by Hurricane Maria on Sept.

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The Army Corps of Engineers is ending its work to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric grid, despite residents’ fears that the island’s government won’t be able to restore power on its own to more than.

Who owns Puerto Rico’s mountain of debt? Don’t put debt above people Looming in the background of Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis is a mountain of debt. Long before Hurricane Maria left millions on the island without power or water, Puerto Rico was battling a financial crisis years in the making. President Trump pointed out Puerto Rico’s “massive debt” problems on Monday.

Puerto Rico, Trump tweeted, owes “billions of dollars” to “Wall Street and the banks, which, sadly, must be dealt with. The rest of the debt is owned by individuals and mutual funds that are held by mom-and-pop investors. They kept buying Puerto Rican debt even as the island fell into an year recession that deepened the debt crisis. High unemployment forced hundreds of thousands of residents to flee the island, further eroding the tax base.

These risks forced Puerto Rico to pay high rates that lured bond investors searching for healthy returns in a world of historically-low interest rates. Puerto Rico’s debt is “triple tax-exempt. Nearly bond mutual funds own Puerto Rican debt, according to data compiled by Morningstar. Who will help Puerto Rico? Hedge funds own billions in debt Hedge funds that few Americans have ever heard of are also on the hook for billions in Puerto Rican debt. Aurelius, run by Mark Brodsky, won big by playing hardball with Argentina for years following that country’s default.

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But Byrne, a widely acknowledged star of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, remained in Houston, which had been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey less than a month earlier. But now, the decision strikes many as emblematic of a double standard within the Trump administration. Army and Marine Corps. But a comparison of government statistics relating to the two recovery efforts strongly supports the views of disaster-recovery experts that FEMA and the Trump administration exerted a faster, and initially greater, effort in Texas, even though the damage in Puerto Rico exceeded that in Houston.

May 18,  · YABUCOA, Puerto Rico (AP) — The Army Corps of Engineers is ending its work to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric grid, despite residents’ fears that the island’s government won’t be able to .

Man-made Lakes of Puerto Rico: There are no natural lakes in Puerto Rico, all these ‘lakes’ are reservoirs formed by damning the rivers. There is only one significant river left in Puerto Rico that is not damned. The Puerto Rico government agency that oversees all fresh and salt waters resources is called ‘Departamento de Recursos Naturales’ dept. They recommend an lb. Record Tilapia is 4. There is an association of Fishermen of Rivers and Lakes, P. The ‘tucunare’ Peacock bass and the ‘lobina’ Largemouth bass are the two most important sport fish in the fresh waters of Puerto Rico, because they put up a good fight.

Peacock bass were imported from South America and the Largemouth bass from the US You are limited to 8 tucunare and 12 lobina a day. Tucunare can be caught all day but the lobina bite early morning and late afternoon. You get it from Mr. No water skiing, nor operating any motor larger than 30 horsepower is allowed on any lake.


This is a collective sickness that extends far beyond the very stable genius at the top of the executive branch. And it matters far more than whether Trump himself cares about the lives of American citizens, or can be bothered to tweet about them. For this is a group of so-called leaders who ran the most powerful government in the world while at least 1, — and more likely as many as 5, — of their own citizens died on their watch. We had no choice.

We were hit hard.

Sep 25,  · Since Puerto Rico is an island, damage to its ports and airports are hindering efforts to send help. The ports are reopening with a limited capacity, but during the daytime only, Buell says.

Crazy Tarpon-Fishing Action in Puerto Rico A group of anglers visits the island, post hurricanes, to find the great tarpon fishing undiminished. By Dave Lewis posted Jun 5th, at 1: Francisco Prieto, about to release a nice Puerto Rican tarpon. The damage caused in parts of the island was extensive, especially to the national electrical grid. Then just a few weeks later on September 20th hurricane Maria made a direct hit on Puerto Rico, devastating the island and plunging all of its 3.

Fast-forward to May when I led a group of eight anglers to Puerto Rico where I had last fished in During the short drive from the airport to the lodge, I was delighted to see such resilience on display, with so much of the island back up and running. We concentrated on targeting tarpon throughout the urban estuaries of Torrecilla and San Juan lagoons. In addition to tarpon, our group of spin-fishermen and fly-rodders caught snook, both common and the rarely-seen tarpon snook, plus barracuda, ladyfish and jacks.

The anglers in the group fishing bait enjoyed truly amazing fishing. Each day they fished they caught numerous tarpon in the to plus pound range, with at least one pounder hooked, jumped and lost. To see more trips like this and many all over the world, visit Dave Lewis Worldwide Fishing. Lewis is the author of two photo-heavy books on global fishing adventures.

Tarpon Lurk Under the Mangroves The labyrinth of mangrove channels and small sheltered backwaters that surround the Torrecilla Lagoon in San Juan teem with small tarpon, along with more than a few big girls as well.

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Thomas, Puerto Rico ST. Virgin Islands — Richard Doumeng’s family has owned Bolongo Bay Beach Resort here since ; his son is now the third generation to help run the beachfront property, which is perhaps most beloved for its Iggies Beach Bar. Iggies was one of many structures destroyed in September when this island became one of very few places in the world ever to be ever hit by two Category 5 hurricanes in a two-week span.

In a turn of luck, the hotel itself sustained very little damage, and it has been housing displaced island residents and relief workers for months now, along with Doumeng’s family and staff members who lost their homes.

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The development is home to many older people, she said, including some who are bedridden. Jimmy Van Bramer makes second post-storm trip to Puerto Rico Back on the street, stray cats roamed, a rooster crowed and a Rottweiler barked from behind a fence as Bouzy handed out the backpacks — some of them stuffed with crayons and coloring books — as well as food and diapers for babies. The neighborhood was hit harder by the storm and is more isolated, so the team started by handing out boxes of food rations, before moving on to cases of water and bags of toiletries.

They arrived on Oct. Puerto Rico deaths spiked by in Sept. Residents, despite being without power for nearly two months, appear remarkably upbeat. They simply hope things will get better soon. In Villa Kennedy, at one point relief workers feared they might run out of water again, so they began giving out half-cases. When they ran out of other items, people offered to share.

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