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Source This article is about Disneyland in California. For other similarly named Disney parks and resorts see here. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. Created by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney , Disneyland has become the world’s most famous themed amusement park and one of the most visited sites in the world. Following a televised first-look of the park along with a pre-opening for the press and VIPs on July 17 , , the official and historic public opening of Disneyland occurred on July 18 , The park features many rides and attractions, dining options, and walk-around characters, including Mickey Mouse and his friends as well as Disney Princesses , characters from the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, and many more.

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It remains one of Disneyland’s most popular attractions as riders can use it as transportation to other areas of the park or to simply ride the trains on the so-called “grand circle tour. The railroad is, in fact, the first thing visitors see upon entering Disneyland via the main entrance. The railroad reopened in March after undergoing a three-month restoration to bring the roadbed back to gauge in time for the Happiest Homecoming on Earth.

It was the longest prolonged closure of the railroad in park history. The Disneyland Railroad was temporarily closed from January 10 , , until July 29 , soft-opening on July 28, , in order to accommodate construction of Star Wars:

toontown cat Most recent. Most popular Most recent. fraidy and plucky are both toon resistance members and work together!! theyre also probably gonna wind up dating too. minglermail toons of toontown. the Devil owns the casino and Bendy owns the cabaret. fhgjgjd exacto is the wars of godfathers of toontown =v. Red Devil Cabaret.

Barging into a subject like that while he’s drinking? Really, Zii should know better. In some cases, the character sprays their drink out of their nose instead of their mouth. It can be Truth in Television , as many people can attest, though in real life laughter is more likely than shock to induce such a reaction. The non-eating version is generally a “pfft”. Why surprising news or the punchline of a joke is so often delivered when a character has a full mouth can only be ascribed to Rule of Funny.

A common Lampshade Hanging for this trope is when a character pauses to take a drink just so he has something to spit out in reaction. Not to be confused with Spit Shake. Compare Spraying Drink from Nose , which is usually caused by laughter instead of surprise. An earlier Australian car ad had a car drop out of the sky and land safely in the front yard just as a bloke raised a can of beer to his lips.

A web banner ad for the game Rift shows a panda spitting out some soda after hearing the game is free-to-play. In a late 90s Jack in the Box ad for their Ultimate Cheeseburger, a marketer presents the new burger to a focus group of men. The guys tell her it sounds great, but it would be even better if they got rid of the bun. The marketer spits out her coffee when she hears this, and Jack watching from the adjacent room spits out his coffee too.

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Originally posted by bytemaster View Post Personally I like toon-town It just has always seemed half done to me, even when it first opened when I was a teen. I still like going there and just looking at the scenery

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Although Mickey’s stories included the character Pete , who was created in , the world in which Mickey lives holds a continuity largely independent from earlier films. An exception to this was the reintroduction of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in with the release of Epic Mickey. In , Disney began a newspaper strip called Mickey Mouse which greatly expanded Mickey’s world which was already well-known from the animated cartoons. The stories then became a work of collaborative fiction with different writers working in different mediums.

This sometimes caused continuity discrepancies. For example, while Mickey and his friends largely live in the same contemporary setting, they sometimes appear in exotic settings including period pieces Brave Little Tailor , The Nifty Nineties and fantasy films Fantasia , Fun and Fancy Free. One way the comics writers explained this discrepancy was to present the characters as “real” cartoon characters who are employed by Disney as actors.

Animation historian David Gerstein has noted that although the characters will appear in different settings and sometimes even change their names Mickey’s Christmas Carol , the characters are still themselves and behave in a way consistent with their natures. In all of his early films Mickey is in a rural setting, but most commonly at a farm. This setting was succinctly presented in the first sentences of one of Mickey’s first storybooks: And it is about his friend Minnie Mouse whose home is safely hidden, soft and warm, somewhere in the chicken house.


History Predecessors — The first seeds of what would become Club Penguin began as a Flash 4 web-based game called Snow Blasters that developer Lance Priebe had been developing in his spare time in July Experimental Penguins was released through Priebe’s company of employment, the Kelowna , British Columbia, Canada-based online game and comic developer Rocketsnail Games, in July , though it ultimately went offline the following year.

Lance Priebe, as well as co-workers Lane Merrifield and Dave Krysko, started to formulate the Club Penguin concept when the trio were unsuccessful in finding “something that had some social components but was safe, and not just marketed as safe” for their own children.

Minus the mange and the crooked tail, this man’s depiction of the mutt in question is DEAD on. – Matty Malaprop.

The extremely successful Baron became a millionaire and made good with his name by building himself a castle for a villa. Portraying Adolf Hitler caricatures in wartime propaganda cartoons, the Baron was caught in an explosion while filming a film called Mother Goose Step. The then-brand-new idea of freeways seemed inexplicably fascinating to the deranged Toon, who hatched a crazy scheme to destroy Toontown killing all its inhabitants in the process , and also to ruin Hollywood’s bus system so everyone would be forced to use the freeways once they were built.

This involved creating himself a non-Toon alias, “Judge Doom”, developing a way to destroy Toons the Dip , and murdering human detective Teddy Valiant to cover his tracks. In , after some additional, unscheduled murders, that plan came unfurled thanks to human Eddie Valiant and Toon Roger Rabbit , with “Doom”‘s true identity exposed and Von Rotten burnt away to nothing by his own Dip.

A murderous maniac is not so easily disposed of, however. A group of cartoon weasels cousins to the late Toon Patrol , Von Rotten’s original minions from his “Judge Doom” days brought him back to life using mad science and old model sheets. The resurrected Von Rotten, still quite insane, was now bent on revenge against Roger Rabbit , whose career he attempted to ruin, impersonating C. Maroon to do so. List of Roles and Disguises A mustache-twirling anthropomorphic rat villain in an unidentified silent cartoon, wherein the heroine is tied to railroad tracks.


Even though the land is well themed, in my opinion, it is severely lacking in restaurants and quality attractions and is in desperate need of re-imagineering. Today we are discussing how we would improve a few Disney attractions. These two attractions are themed for shows that have not been popular in decades. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released into theaters in However there are only two seasons of this show…a show that ended in Becca from Love Our Crazy Life I know this statement is going to get me in trouble, especially with a few small members of my own family.

Hello! This was an incredible guide, thank you so much for your help! I do have a quick question: I was hoping to get fast passes (through MaxPass) for Soarin’ (for pm) first thing in the morning, but my family and I plan on going to Disneyland first before DCA.

Certain benefits could have been procured during membership and retained after losing membership. More than one toon If more than one toon was saved under the same account during membership, the toons were not lost; however, only the toons in the middle slots will be available for use. Should the user renew their membership, the toons in the other slots would still be there, and were available for use once more. Gags If a toon had earned gags beyond Level 4 Throw, Level 4 Squirt, or Level 1 on any other track, those earned gags were retained but could not be used in battle or bought in Goofy’s Gag Shop.

The player’s number of skill points would remain the same, but they could not earn anymore. Text was displayed in the gag track to indicate the user of their restriction:

Can someone explain this Warrior Cats and Dating Shows joke : Toontown

Over time we will be reassembling our earlier content into the blog as posts. Meanwhile our Virtual Pet Links page is still reachable as an html page at: We plan to once again actively cover the interesting world of Virtual Pets. Is there an Enterprise Use? As virtual worlds gain more traction, and the ability to interact with other virtual worlds, we may see more business meetings being held in virtual environments.

Snow Wars in ToonTown and Cog Nation 2 8TeamFriends8 3 0 Sneak peek of ToonTown TF silly comic 8TeamFriends8 5 0 Four zaps Gelatin Redkitty34 54 Snow Wars in ToonTown and Cog Nation 3 8TeamFriends8 5 0 Snow Wars in ToonTown and Cog Nation 1 8TeamFriends8 3 0 This is the kind of stuff i draw when im tired-Mr-Ms-Faded 20 Inanimate.

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There’s an annoying intro so just jump down to the underlined text to skip it. Ever curious why there were so many darn people in Toon Valley in the original TT? Was it to make TT a dating site? I hope not Was it the boredness? Yes After so many darn hours of fighting cogs and leveling up gags people start to get bored and came up with different ideas to keep the game interesting.

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Quote “Tomorrow’s Friday, Eddie. Do you know what happens here on Friday? Is that a Rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? She notices when Eddie loses his composure after one of the barflies makes fun of him, believing he works for toons. She is quick to garner the barflies’ sympathy for Eddie once she reveals the truth behind Eddie’s hatred of toons to them, explaining that his brother Teddy Valiant was killed by a toon by having a piano dropped on his head.

She apparently cares for Eddie, and even helps him when the latter explains about Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol , who are all after Roger Rabbit because he supposedly murdered Marvin Acme. She plays a larger part in the film’s climax, where she saves Eddie from almost being killed by Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol when they come for Roger at the bar by providing a drink that causes Roger to erupt like a high-pitched steam whistle so Eddie could fight off the Toon Patrol and rescue Roger.

For her part in Eddie and Roger’s escape, she was presumably fired as a result, which was fine for her because she admits, “Stuffing olives for a living wasn’t for me anyway. Maroon , and Teddy Valiant, along with the attempted murder of everyone in Toontown. She is last seen walking beside Eddie as they, along with Roger and Jessica , enter Toontown together while accompanied by all the other toons in the film singing ” Smile Darn Ya Smile “.


She is the girlfriend of Donald Duck and best friend of Minnie Mouse. Daisy has Donald’s temper, but has far greater control of it and tends to be more sophisticated than her boyfriend. Contents Background Personality Particularly in her early appearances, Daisy is shown to be a loving girlfriend; always there for Donald, but always having the tendency to nag in an attempt to change his ways for the better. She has faith that her boyfriend is a good person despite his flaws, and uses their relationship as a means to better Donald’s health and well-being, specifically in regards to his temper ” Donald’s Double Trouble “, ” Donald’s Dinner Date “.

She has even been known to hype Donald up to Minnie and the others ” Captain Donald “.

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Source This article is about Disneyland in California. For other similarly named Disney parks and resorts see here. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.

Created by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney , Disneyland has become the world’s most famous themed amusement park and one of the most visited sites in the world. Following a televised first-look of the park along with a pre-opening for the press and VIPs on July 17 , , the official and historic public opening of Disneyland occurred on July 18 , Contents [ show ] Concept and construction Walt Disney and his business partner-brother Roy were heading a Hollywood film studio before their idea of a theme park formed.

Mickey Mouse universe

Gameplay in World of Warcraft is very typical of the MMORPG genre with players creating a character to interact with the inhabitants of the game world both NPCs and other players before adventuring forward to explore the various environments, quests and PvP opportunities. The game is often credited as setting the standard in the MMO space, mostly because of the constant updates and large game population.

World of Warcraft also features one of the most in depth and well designed systems for skills and professions when compared to other MMOs, allowing players to create a highly customisable character that can change and evolve with the player’s style. Guilds also play a pivotal role in the WoW universe and bring hundreds of players together like no other MMO to raid the most powerful bosses that call the game home.

The games like World of Warcraft that you find below offer a variety of MMO settings for you to experience in a role playing capacity.

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