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Rachel & Noah/Puck = Puckleberry

SoleasiaDavis73 Rachel and Quinn were secretly dating all throughout season 1 you just didn’t realize. My take on each episode. This is my first ever fan-fic to write. Finn, Puck and the rest of the Football team were waiting for Mr Schuester to go away so they could throw Kurt into a dumpster. Finn tried to pay attention in spanish but the language bored him.

Soon word spread that Sandy was fired for feeling up his male students and that the spanish teacher Mr.

Summary: quinn secretly dating glee. A secret girlfriend. A really hot night with rachel while rachel dating finn, and have been dating for rachel work at the unlikeliest of our own.

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Reason of Misery Chapter 1: The Ending, a glee fanfic

However, they do both state that they don’t hate each other, and have a few friendly moments after Quinn’s pregnancy is revealed. In Season Two, they appear to have cooled in their aggression towards each other, only to both go after Finn again. At the start of Season Three, Quinn has distanced herself from the New Directions , but she soon returns, and appears to be on good terms with Rachel. In Hold on to Sixteen , the eighth episode of the season, Rachel and Quinn admit that they’re “kind of friends” and, leading up to graduation, they grow closer.

Rachel feels as if it’s her fault, but Quinn tells her that it’s not and comforts her.

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Breaking the Fourth Wall: Done a couple of times. We’re even fighting in our voiceovers. A truly hilarious one in the start of 4. Brittany, who are you talking to? I thought I was doing a voiceover. Brittany sorta does this too in 4. For the record, she was right. Rachel has too many to count, she seems to be the writers’ favorite punching bag, the end of Season 5 and the first episode of Season 6 being the Ur-Example of this trope.

Quinn has a few of these moments too.

Was Quinn supposed to be gay : glee

Glee fic master list– updated 27 december – sulkygeek fan fic journal: Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating korean kicked it away with triple his holdings. The original ending was Rachel and Quinn talking. He groaned as he instinctively reached over for the glove box to get some wet wipes to clean them both up and realised there dean guitar serial number dating no glove box there, just a small self under the dash. During Mercedes’s song at the end, Rachel looks out into the audience from backstage and seems jealous of Finn and Quinn.

When Rachel confronts them about it, Quinn questions why Rachel wants to hurt “poor, sweet Brittany.

An intended glee use various other glee and quinn are reunited. Other glee club go to join the glee club. V ophelia managed to secretly dating for two years we have been dating.

Rachel Berry’s 22 and the new teacher at McKinley. So, what’s the problem? Read and find out. I don’t own anything except for the story line. Quinn was currently jogging up the steps to the school entrance. Cursing under her breath for sleeping in, she pushed open the doors of William McKinley High School and rushed to the auditorium where she knows the orientation for the beginning of the school year is being held. You can only imagine how confused she was when she woke up alone that morning and no one bothered to wake her up on the first day of her senior year.

I’m Quinn Fabray, let me tell you a little more than just my name. I’m 18 years old. I have blonde hair and hazel green eyes. I’m on the school track team and one of the best… Hm, okay, maybe I am the best, I am the captain after all. Brittany smiled widely at her while Santana simply acknowledged her presence with a nod. Their principal was walking up the stage so, she hurriedly sat beside them before he reaches the podium.

Pezberry Fanfiction

Harry Shum in real life is also a Jr. When Victor Garber takes a break from his usually cool, hard-hitting persona to play Will’s dad, he expresses his regret at never going to law school and at the end of the episode decides to apply. Victor Garber is also known for his work in Broadway musicals e. Lea Michele , the actress who plays Rachel, made her Broadway debut as Young Cosette in the Broadway cast of the same musical and more recently played Eponine in the Hollywood Bowl concspert.

For those not in the know, grown Eponine sings “On My Own”. In the pilot episode, when Sandy sees Will at the linen store, his reaction is identical to that of Ned Ryerson every time he sees Phil in the street.

Quinn is back as HBIC and is dating Rachel. She hosts a sleepover for her girlfriend and squad mates to get to know each other. How one slushy changed everything for Quinn and Rachel. AU-ish Faberry fluff. Set during season one. Glee – Rated: T – English This is my very first fanfic and you should know english isn’t my first language.

Pilot Quinn makes her first appearance and is revealed to be Finn’s girlfriend. She is also seen as having Protestant Christian or Catholic christian faith this is shown by the cross necklace she wears and the portrait of Jesus Christ in her room. She is the president of the celibacy club. She is portrayed as a cruel and mean girl because she is seen laughing at Rachel’s Myspace, which contains videos of Rachel singing.

She also asks Finn what he’s doing talking to her in a mean manner. Schuester with their song. However, instead of being angry, Sue orders Quinn, Brittany, and Santana to be inside spies on the Glee club to help her bring it down, to which Quinn agrees. She is then seen washing cars in their attempt to earn the money and they later hire him. When he fails to break the glee club, Quinn and Santana are punished by Sue who suspends their tanning privileges, which makes Santana burst into tears.

Remembering how Rachel stood up to Dakota, Quinn comes to understand that self-confidence doesn’t necessarily involve putting other people down and confronts Sue about it. Puck confronts her knowing it’s his child, but Quinn says she doesn’t want him to be part of it and insults him as a Lima Loser.

Fix Fic

The ending of the first season of the Black Butler anime. Although it technically ends with an ambiguous Fade to Black , it’s more than a little obvious what’s about to happen. Fans have other ideas and love to share them in fic form. Of course, now that there’s the second season, and seeing how that ended, it looks like the writers may have been reading fanfic themselves.

Rachel, Quinn, Santana and the other glee club members are just trying to survive at McKinley, but when a new face is added to the mix, everything is shaken up. santana starts writing a rachel/quinn fanfic for everyone at McKinley. it’s also extremely popular as everyone awaits her weekly updates. (usually based on what the girls are.

ReadFreak Rachel’s not having the best day. Can her best friend and a secret boyfriend make it better? Pezberry friendship and Puckleberry Rated: I’m going to try and put all my inspiration into CoF but I”m cleaning out my story book and this had to be published. The reason of her misery, besides the fact that she hadn’t had the chance to call Noah yet, she also didn’t hear her alarm this morning so she missed work out.

When she got to school she’d got slushied so she had to change, then right before lunch she’d got slushied AGAIN.

Glee Fanfiction Rachel And Quinn Secretly Dating My Ex, Quinn

Observations of Beauty by Alesford Quinn Fabray is fractured, and every misstep in her life has been slowly tearing her down. Everybody has their breaking point, and everybody reacts differently. Romantic Ulterior Motives by anan0maly Post 1×07 Throwdown. Quinn and Rachel had an argument at school. Quinn reflects over the argument and confronts Rachel. Sequel to Romantic Ulterior Motives Of Rainbows and Raincoats by anan0maly Part 3 in the Romantic Ulterior Motives-verse in which Quinn tells her parents her big secret and the pregnancy hormones continue to make her emotional.

Read Chapter 8 from the story Secret Love (A Glee Fanfiction) by noelleestbeau with my way home with Kurt, we passed by Finn who stared at us weir.

What did you mean we? Quinn sharply tells Rachel to come back when she leaves to approach Shelby. You really should take your own advice there, Quinn. Sexy Quinn agrees with Rachel when she wants to do original songs. I say, go for it. Kurt soon meets Blaine, a troubled boy dealing with his own demons. They were supposed to last forever. Will assigns the gleeks to find songs about hope or hopelessness. It wasn’t the first time; Rachel seemed to cause her to stutter when they got into these issues.

Can’t forget about that.

santana+rachel- goodbye my hopeless dream (based on fanfiction)